Monday, March 17, 2014

Fresh Meadows Estate Sale-3/16/14

Fresh Meadows Estate Sale
March 16, 2014
By: Paul J Dunn

What a great day for a sale it was! We had a great opening crowd and over 400 people shop with us. In fact the line stretched all the way back to the sidewalk for most of the day. didn't even have time to eat my lunch.

We successfully liquidated a great majority of the homes contents in only six hours thanks to our marketing prowess. Every home gets the same attention to detail from the marketing plan to the free setup and staging. 

Needless to say the client was extremely happy and I am looking forward to his testimonial.

We have a passion for this type of work and truth is told its lot of hard work but we still make it seem fun for our employees and customers alike.

Feel free to stop by one of our upcoming sales and see why we are the fastest growing estate liquidation company in the New York City area. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ditmas Park, Brooklyn Estate Sale! Another Great testimonial! Lucky Rabbit Estate Sales

Moving is hard enough but when we sold and had to relocate in a short time period, and leave most of our furniture and other items behind, we were flustered until we contacted Paul and Tom. Not only did they give us peace of mind, they were extremely professional and knowledgeable. We were delighted that they were able to offer full service disposition of our goods and get us money we never thought possible. Great guys and great service!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We have a Fabulous nude painting by famed artist Nathan Wasserberger at our upcoming sale! 2/9/14 Midwood, Brooklyn

We have a Fabulous nude painting by famed artist Nathan Wasserberger at our upcoming sale! 

 Midwood, Brooklyn Estate Sale
Brooklyn, 11210
February 9, 2014
 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Nathan Wasserberger, Polish/American (1928 - 2012)
 Widely collected and admired in Europe and the United States, Nathan Wasserberger was born in Chrzanow, Poland in 1928. As a young man, he witnessed first hand the horrors of World War II including the death of friends and family and is himself a survivor of Buchenwald.
Despite these early challenges, he went on to study at the Academy Julien in Paris and at the Art Students League in New York.
Early in his career, his paintings reflected the unbelievable injustices committed by the Nazis upon himself and millions of other innocents.
This brooding period was soon replaced by introspective expressions of the joy of life and a celebration of beauty and sensuality. Yet, concealed in every painting, there is a touch of sadness, a carry over of his experiences as a young man. Perhaps also a comment upon the unceasing suffering that still haunts humanity today.
Having 67 photos and color plates of his paintings in the permanent archives of American Art in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, assures this artist a place of honor in American art.
An excerpt from a book about Nathan Wasserberger quotes as follows:

"The treatment of the figure is concentrated, elegant and correct. At the same time there is an additional heritage in the lesson of drawing: The structures of the paintings are clarified, the concentration on the single figures producing the first signs of the crystalline structural clarity his paintings now display. Moreover, the technique is kept light and informal with none of the freezing into cold stiff line which academic figure painters tend to adopt. Finally, adding to this buoyancy is the lesson of tone: A silvery high-key tone begins to infuse the work. It is a luminous spirit lifting tone.