Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lucky Rabbit-Produced Documentary Short to Premiere at Long Island International Film Expo.
Lucky Rabbit-Produced Documentary Short to Premiere at Long Island International Film Expo.
Lucky Rabbit-Produced Documentary Short to Premiere at Long Island International Film Expo
“Calling All Collectors” highlights estate sale of prized collection from retired 9/11 responder
June 16, 2016 (City, State) – Lucky Rabbit Estate Sales is pleased to announce that their documentary short "Calling all Collectors" will premiere at the 18th Annual Long Island International Film Expo.
The 2015 documentary, scheduled to show on July 17th from 4:15 pm - 6:15 pm, depicts the Ultimate Collectors Estate Sale held in Huntington, Long Island which featured the vast collection of a retired Nassau County police officer and former 9/11 responder. The 8 minute short is among over one hundred short and feature-length independent films from all over the world that will premiere at the Long Island International Film Expo from July 13 – 21 at Bellmore Movies in New York.
“We produced this documentary as a gift to our client who became ill post-911 and never expected that it would attract this much attention. It certainly feels wonderful to have our very own self-produced film premiering alongside an impressive lineup of talented work from around the world,” says co-owner of Lucky Rabbit, Paul J. Dunn.
Calling all Collectors gives a brief look at the extensive array of prized collectors’ items which included life-sized statues of celebrities and movie characters, sports memorabilia and team figurines, rare Pez collection, vintage signs and advertising, Coca Cola memorabilia, as well as a large shark model that appeared in the movie Jaws.
The Long Island International Film Expo is presented by the Long Island Film/TV Foundation and the Nassau County Film Commission. Among the awards given are Best Director, Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best Long Island Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Cinematography.
About the company
Lucky Rabbit Estate Sales is a NY Full Service Estate and Tag Sale Company with a solid reputation and happy clients. The owners are members of several professional organizations related to the estate sale industry including The New York Historical Society and The Antiques and Collectibles National Association.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Huntington Estate Selling Pre-Colombian Artifacts and Prized Albert Carrier Bronze

Huntington Estate Selling Pre-Colombian Artifacts and Prized Albert Carrier Bronze
Carrier’s Bronze titled Psyche accompanied by coveted antiques and vintage items
Huntington, NY (March 29, 2016) – Lucky Rabbit Estate Sales announces the staging of a collector’s dream estate sale featuring a wide range of coveted items including Pre-Colombian artifacts and listed artist paintings and objects d’ art from renowned artists like Albert Ernest Carrier-Belleuse.
The sale, scheduled for April 9th in Huntington, New York, will offer up artifacts, antiques, various vintage items, and the works of some of the best known paint artists. One of the main items expected to garner much attention is the prized Belleuse Bronze titled “Psyche” by Albert Ernest Carrier-Belleuse.  The sale will also feature a wide selection of Pre-Colombian artifacts of interest to collectors of these period pieces, as well as the works of Roy Henry Vickers, Kahlil Gibran, Kurt Larisch, Dale DeArmond, Jose Roybal, and Leonard Baskin. It is scheduled to start at 9 a.m..
“This is one amazing sale you don't want to miss,” says Lucky Rabbit Co-owner, Paul Dunn.  “These items come from a well-kept home that’s loaded with objects d' art, Pre-Colombian artifacts, and listed artist paintings. I’m sure that the incredible bronze by Albert Carrier will get a lot of attention from collectors as well as the Pre-Colombian artifacts that will be available,” he adds.
In addition to vintage Inuit art such as paintings and sculptures, other listed items include an antique bronze hand cannon, an African mask collection, Asian artwork, and antique French copper pots and pans. There are also a variety of uncut semiprecious stones, statement jewelry, and American Brilliance Chrystal, as well as Christofle flatware, fine china, unique furniture and vintage walking sticks.
About Lucky Rabbit Estate Sales
Lucky Rabbit Estate Sales is a full service estate and tag sale company which has been featured in the New York Times.  The company administers all aspects of estate sales, appraising a wide range of items including antiques, Persian rugs, militaria, china, silver, gold, diamonds, and paintings. They also promote and the sale events. Lucky Rabbit is the only company with social media marketing certification, promoting successful sales to thousands of collectors on several social media platforms.
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